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Hello, All!

This is Jen-Chieh! Welcome to my site! I've created many kinds of software in various fields. I know 25+ programming languages, and I have over 5,000+ contributions on GitHub and GitLab. I used to code 8+ hours a day, and it has been 5 years non-stop (now 5+ hours a day). I've spent a tremendous amount of time on programming and software study. Just to show how much I love this field! 😊

In my experience, I was either a programming lead, technical consultant, or senior software engineer. But unfortunately, I don't have enough experience with management roles. One of my goals is to get better at management roles (if I ever get a chance). Other than that, I would love to continue my computer journey (there are still so many things to learn)!

P.S. If you are interested, feel free to check out my resume here.| 🥳

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